Illinois Assyrian Caucus Recognizes Assyrian Remembrance Day


August 6th, 2022


This Sunday, in cities and towns throughout Illinois, members of the Assyrian-American community will join together to honor the memory of those Assyrians lost to genocide, crimes against humanity, and persecution. August 7th is recognized annually by Assyrians across our country and around the world as Assyrian Remembrance Day or Assyrian Martyrs Day, observed on the anniversary of the tragic Simele Massacre which took place in 1933.

As we remember the victims and survivors of the Assyrian Genocide, Simele Massacre, and other crimes perpetrated against the Assyrian people, we also honor the strength and resilience of the Assyrian-American community. Forced to rebuild their lives in all corners of the globe, Assyrians have courageously braved forward in the face of unimaginable tragedy and hardship. Beginning in the late nineteenth century, tens of thousands of Assyrians have made their homes in Illinois, fleeing genocide and persecution—and we are greater for their contributions.

The Assyrian-American community in Illinois is committed to preserving the memory of the atrocities suffered by Assyrians and enhancing the general public’s awareness and understanding of the history of the Assyrian-American community. As members of the Illinois Assyrian Caucus, we continue to pledge our action towards education and recognition, including by advocating for greater support for Senate Joint Resolution 21 which recognizes the Assyrian Genocide.


During this time of remembrance, let us honor the memory of these victims, recognize the lasting impact of such losses on the Assyrian-American community, and recommit ourselves to overcoming prejudice and inhumanity through tolerance, learning, and understanding.


State Senator Ram Villivalam, Co-Chair    State Rep. Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz, Co-Chair
State Senator Cristina Castro                     State Rep. Kelly Cassidy
State Senator Sara Feigenholtz                 State Rep. Deb Conroy
State Senator Laura Fine                            State Rep. Robyn Gabel
State Senator Adriane Johnson                 State Rep. Amy Grant
State Senator Robert Martwick                 State Rep. Maura Hirschauer
State Senator Laura Murphy                      State Rep. Michael Kelly
State Senator Mike Simmons                    State Rep. Lindsey LaPointe
State Senator Celina Villanueva                State Rep. Michelle Mussman
State Rep. Denyse Wang Stoneback
State Rep. Mark Walker

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