Proposed Legislation

HB2070 - Dental Loss Ratio bill

Requires dental providers to spend more on premiums towards patient care instead of administrative/overhead costs.

HB2071 - Dental Virtual Credit Cards

Prevents insurance providers from making dentists pay the processing fee for reimbursement through credit cards.

HB2071 - Dental Network Leasing

Prevents insurance providers from leasing out dentists to other networks without their consent.

HB2123 - Digital Forgeries Act

Creates a civil cause of action for victims of deepfake digital forgeries.

HB2129 - Public Defender Salary Parity

Raises salaries for County Public Defenders to be in line with State’s Attorneys

HB2160 - School Treasurer - Townships

Creates a path to reforming local governing bodies

HB2222 - Amendment to IL Antitrust Act

Requires healthcare systems to notify AGs office of proposed mergers

HB2261 - Human Rights - Real Estate

Fights anti-immigrant discrimination in housing

HB2375 - Life Care Facilities Reform

Provides financial transparency for residents of Life Care Facilities

HB2376 - Polystyrene Ban

Bans the commercial use of polystyrene food containers

HB2377 - Debt Judgment/Homestead Exemption

Adjusts debt recovery regarding homestead exemptions

HB2954 - Civil Liability for Doxing Act

Creates a path to justice for victims of doxing

HB3101 - Safe Haven

Streamlines Illinois’ safe haven law for abandoned infants

HB3767 - Gasification Facilities

Strengthens protections in the Environmental Protection Act

HB3794 - Voter Registration for New Americans

Simplifies the voter registration process for newly-naturalized American citizens

HJR20 - Affirming the Equal Rights Amendment

Calls on the federal government to recognize ERA as an amendment to the US Constitution

SB55 - Power of Attorney - Visitation

Clarifies language regarding visitation for individuals with a power of attorney

SB58 - Single Use Plastic Reduction

Requires state agencies to start tracking use and cost of single use plastic and begin plans to reduce the amount purchased


Requires insurance providers to cover more than one treatment for patients if medically necessary

SB195 - Probate Guardian Appointment

Fixes a loophole that allows wealthy students to declare independence from their parents in order to receive financial assistance they are otherwise not entitled to

SB805 - Revenue - Tech

Makes a technical change in the definition of “startup taxpayer” for Illinois companies

SB1563 - EPA - Microplastics

Requires IEPA to conduct a study and publicly share information about microplastics

SB1673 - MWRD - Floodplain/Stormwater

Allows MWRD to better enforce environmental protections

SB2379 - Counsel - Immigration

Extends the Task Force for immigrant counsel to 2024