Legislation Passed – 103rd GA

HB218 - Firearm Industry Responsibility and Accountability Act (FIRA)

Holds the gun industry liable for dangerous sales and marketing tactics that cause real world violence.

HB2072 - Dental Network Leasing/Virtual Credit Cards

Prevents excess fees and leasing practices by dental insurers to increase transparency and ensure more patient dollars go to patient care.

HB2123 - Digital Forgeries Act

Creates a new cause of action against any person who creates or distributes a digitally altered sexual image (deepfake) of an individual without their consent.

HB2160 - School Treasurer - Townships

Allows certain school districts in northern Cook County to opt out of their current township board of trustees in order to eliminate unnecessary and duplicative units of government.

HB2222 - Amendment to IL Antitrust Act

Increases the oversight of health care facility mergers and acquisitions and gives authority to the Attorney General to enforce existing antitrust laws ensuring competition to reduce healthcare costs and increase access for consumers.

HB2231 - Rideshare Common Carriers

Holds rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft accountable like all other common carriers when their drivers assault or injure their passengers.

HB2954 - Civil Liability for Doxing Act

Cracks down on ‘doxing,’ a practice used to crowdsource hate and harassment online, by creating a path to justice when personal information is published with the intent to cause harm.

HJR20 - Affirming the Equal Rights Amendment

Urges the Biden Administration to publish the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) as the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Urges Congress to pass a resolution affirming the ERA.

SB55 - Power of Attorney - Visitation

Clarifies the court’s authority to appoint a guardian of a person or estate if their agent does not allow reasonable visitation.

SB58 - Single Use Plastic Reduction

Bans state agencies from buying single-use polystyrene foam containers. No vendor contracted through a state agency or department may provide customers with polystyrene foam containers.


Prevents insurance companies from denying necessary treatment to kids with devastating childhood illnesses.

SB195 - Probate Guardian Appointment

Cracks down on fraud in the financial aid system for higher education by prohibiting the appointment of a guardian for a minor when the purpose is to reduce the financial status of the student. Prevents bad actors from gaming the system and taking scarce dollars away from students truly in need.

SB1563 - EPA - Microplastics

Requires the IEPA to study the impact of microplastics in our environment and make that report available to the public.

SB1673 - MWRD - Floodplain/Stormwater

Codifies the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District authority to impose a civil penalty for violating the stormwater management ordinance.

SB1817 - Housing - Immigration

Protects immigrants from housing discrimination.

SB2379 - Counsel - Immigration

Extends the deadline for the Task Force on Counsel in Immigration Proceedings to submit its findings and recommendations report and extends the life of the Right to Counsel in Immigration Proceedings Act.