Climate and Equitable Jobs Act Passes!

Today, landmark legislation to address the climate crisis is on its way to the Governor’s desk after passing both the House and Senate, setting Illinois on the path to achieve 100% clean power generation by 2050. This ambitious legislation will put our state on a path toward a green energy future while also protecting consumers, jobs, promoting equitable energy policy and improving ethics standards.

Environmental advocates, labor unions and community leaders all came out in support of this vital piece of legislation.

Path to Green Energy:

  • Advances Illinois’ effort to decarbonize the energy sector by establishing timelines to close fossil fuel plants putting Illinois on track to have 40% of the state’s energy needs being met by renewable sources by 2030, 50% by 2040 and 100% by 2050.
  • Requires the Prairie State and CWLP Dallman coal-fired plants to be carbon-free or close by 2045, with a significant interim emissions reductions goal by 2035.
  • Requires the state to track the progress of carbon-free electricity with 5-year reports on our electrical supply and progress towards our renewable energy goal.
    Establishes a goal of 1 million electric vehicles in Illinois by 2030, and provides a $4,000 credit to consumers purchasing EVs.

Improving Ethics Standards and Consumer Protections:

  • Requires the ICC to initiate an investigation into how ratepayer funds were used in connection with the conduct outlined in ComEd’s Deferred Prosecution Agreement, potentially putting refunds back into residential ratepayers’ pockets.
  • Creates a Public Utility Ethics and Compliance Monitor to ensure utility companies are meeting the highest level of ethical standards.
  • Requires each utility to establish the position of a Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer who must submit annual reports to the ICC.
    To improve utility oversight, this legislation ends formula rates and transitions to performance-based ratemaking. It also requires monthly reporting on service shutoffs and collections activity while also requiring an independent audit of company expenditures since 2012.

Protecting Middle-Class Jobs and Environmental Justice:

  • Keeps the nuclear power generation facilities at Byron and Dresden open to ensure continued power supply as we work towards the decarbonization of the energy sector.
  • Requires prevailing wage on nearly all non-residential wind and solar projects.
  • Invests in workforce development and community transitions as we move to clean energy.
  • Creates an energy and justice fund to support targeted clean energy investments for minority small businesses.
    To diversify workforce development, the bill establishes a statewide program to work with community-based organizations and ensure equity-focused populations are able to enter and compete for green energy jobs.

The bill now heads to the Governor, and if signed, Illinois will become a national leader in clean energy policy. I want to thank all my constituents who called and wrote to my office over the past year voicing their comments, concerns and support regarding this bill.

For additional questions, please contact my office at or call 847-486-8810.





Representative Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz


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