Gong-Gershowitz Responds to Roe v. Wade Decision

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June 24, 2022

Gong-Gershowitz Responds to Roe v. Wade Decision

GLENVIEW, Ill. – State Rep. Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz, D-Glenview, issued this statement following the  news that the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision was overturned:

“This radical court’s decision to disregard the basic human rights of those who can give birth and restrict access  to the right to an abortion is appalling. Millions of women in other states, particularly women of color, will bear  the brunt of this despicable action. The dehumanizing choice between illegally terminating their pregnancy or  carrying a child to term regardless of circumstances is an impossible choice that no woman should be forced to  make. The decision should be theirs and theirs alone.

“I want to be clear: abortion remains safe and legal in Illinois. The protections Democrats put in place in recent  years have ensured that. However, our fight has just begun. Misogynist anti-choice advocates will be attacking  the right to an abortion harder than ever, and our resistance to their tragically-misguided attacks needs to be just  as resolute.

“Governor Pritzker, Speaker Welch, my colleagues in the House and Senate, and millions of like-minded  Illinoisans are gearing up for this challenge, and I am proud to stand beside them. To the Republican lawmakers  who are determined to destroy decades of progress for reproductive rights: Illinois will not go back.”

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